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Cryptocurrency trading
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Plan Light

  • Accrual period: 10 days
  • Min. deposit: 50 USD
  • Max. deposit: 499 USD
  • Monday - Friday: 1,5%
  • Deposit return after 10 days
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Plan Optimal

  • Accrual period: 30 days
  • Min. deposit: 500 USD
  • Max. deposit: 999 USD
  • Monday - Friday: 2%
  • Deposit return after 30 days
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Plan Power

  • Accrual period: 60 days
  • Min. deposit: 1000 USD
  • Max. deposit: 49999 USD
  • Monday - Friday: 2,5%
  • Deposit return after 60 days
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Plan Vip

  • Accrual period: 180 days
  • Min. deposit: 1000 USD
  • Max. deposit: 100000 USD
  • Monday - Friday: 3,2%
  • Deposit is included
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Welcome to investment platform CRYPTO ARBITRAGE EDUCATION CLUB LTD!

Company CRYPTO ARBITRAGE EDUCATION CLUB LTD was officially registered in the UK on March 13, 2018, registration number 11251999.
For 5 years, the CRYPTO ARBITRAGE EDUCATION CLUB LTD team has been engaged in online training in cryptocurrency pairs trading and has been working in the field of making profits on cryptocurrency platforms, on the strategy of situations between trading platforms. We have created a team of experts that ensures the sustainable development and growth of the company. We use not only the best open and closed sources of receiving signals, but also have our own unique IT developments. All this allows CRYPTO ARBITRAGE EDUCATION CLUB LTD to be one of the leaders in this market segment and to fulfill all obligations to our partners and investors.
The strategy of commercial is not a trivial rate on growth and depreciation, where there is a high risk of losing capital. This is a strategy in which bets are made immediately on the rise and fall of the same currency pair in different trading platforms. With proper and professional work, commercial is guaranteed to make a profit, without the risk of losing money. This type of earnings can not be compared with more risky investments in forex, sports betting, precious metals, real estate and the like.
CRYPTO ARBITRAGE EDUCATION CLUB LTD is a completely new approach to investing, which can provide you with reliable and long-term passive earnings.

Why choose us

Stable and
high income

The situation is one of the few strategies that delivers consistently high profits.

Instant deposit
and withdrawal

Deposit and withdrawal of funds is carried out instantly on payment systems: Payeer, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin.

Reliable investment

Unique software. SSL-certificate and DDOS-protection without doubt provide reliable protection of our investors.

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Affiliate program

Offer our project to your friends, acquaintances, partners or any other community and get financial benefits.
You do not even need an active deposit to get affiliate commissions; just share your affiliate link that you can find in your personal account.


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